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Message From Ex-Chief Minister of Govt. of Gujarat

Shri Narendra Modi

Honorable Ex-Chief Minister

Health care and prevention of diseases are the main targets, to be achieved for the sustainable growth of our Swarnim Gujarat. In the developing world of the medical science, pharmaceutical and biotechnological, the aim of innovations research should be forwarded on curative treatment along with finding out preventive meseuare for making the disease free life style for all. Being at proud place in Indian pharmaceutical industry, Gujarat should get well equipped with trained clinical research professional and to grab the opportunities in employment.

It is pride to know that M.Sc in Clinical Research & courses is one such genuine endeavor by the Gujarat University, in collaboration with Shivrath COE in Clinical Research, a joint venture with Govt. of Gujarat, GSBTM, to promote the sector for advancement of medical technology, betterment of health care professionals and elevate the state Pharmaceutical and Microbiology sector to International level.